Energy consumption cut by four. A life span of over 10 years on certain products. Very little heat energy produced, limiting the use of air conditioning.

High performance

Wide range of colours to choose from. Innovative and modern design. Improved lighting quality, similar to natural daylight and less tiring for the eyes.


Six times longer lasting than traditional solutions. No maintenance fees. 100% of the power used goes to lighting. No glass, reduced risk of breakages.


Recyclable product. No toxic substances in the LEDs. Environmental standards are adhered to, reduced CO2 emissions. No dangerous ultra violet or infra-red emissions. No mercury.


Our products comply with the strictest standards in place.


We offer custom solutions, a full audit, installation by our technicians and after-sales service.

Design studio

Our design studio offers a free survey on your current electricity consumption and the quality of the lighting you use.


Our specialists will come to your site, make a precise plan and take measurements for your lighting system:

power, equipment, location, light intensity for each work space.


Green LED Technology has designed software that can be accessed by all of our clients. There is a client area with a login and password that can be accessed by MAC or PC:

  • Analysis of your consumption by sector
  • Dialux
  • Comparative
  • Energy costs
  • Payment in installments
  • Energy savings calculation